Ball pits

   An inflatable ball pit is a joy that you cannot explain unless you have actually had the pleasure of diving in. It is filled with 7cm soft plastic balls. Our ball pits are made from soft polyurethane foam and covered with jersey material.
   We have designed few different shapes and sizes so it can meet our client’s expectations. We also offer different colours and quantity of the balls so there can be choose individually and fits perfectly to your home décor.



   Captain Velindo was the strictest and most demanding leader ever heard of. As he led his ship, the waves weren’t in his way, the winds were quiet and the birds almost silently moved their wings. He held his crew with a hard hand, but he justly judged arguments and punishments were equally fair.
   To keep order between sailors under his control, Captain Velindo spilt them into three teams: white, grey and blue.
   Whites took care of cooking, which means they spent ninety days frying, roasting, baking, stewing, peeling and washing up after the crew had finished their plates.
   The grey team took care of cleanliness on board the deck, the cabinets, the various buttons and switches, which only true sailors knew how to use in the correct way. Not to mention the toilets and showers, which they also had to pay a lot of attention to, as Captain Velindo’s first priority was to have his ship clean and tidy.
   Finally the blue group, role models to the white and grey, are most favourable in the captain’s eyes. These are the ones who show great courage, bravery and a strong sense of pride. They were the lucky ones who were given the honour of completing the captain’s direct orders.
   Long months in the seas and oceans made Captain Velindo’s crew a group of true sailors, but even they forgot one fact. That even an experienced sailor cannot stop the force of water.
   The storm, of which I was involved, would not be a result of any survivors, had it not been for myself, Captain Velindo, sitting in a ball pit filled with white, grey and blue balls, with the biggest risk being a ball hitting the floor, nothing compared to a storm.
   Ahoy sailors!
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