Pregnancy and nursing pillows

   Our specially designed pregnancy pillows are made to support and comfort women through pregnancy. The pillows are not only designed for pregnancy but can extend into motherhood, as the pillows are hypoallergenic and offer support when feeding baby.
   It is filled with polyester fibre balls or styrofoam granules, so that "remembers" the shape of the babies body, which keeps your beloved baby from rolling off the bed and gives comfortable position while feeding.
   Of course, you should always keep the toddlers safe and do not leave alone without care, because they grow and gain skills faster then us adults think.



   In my house is it always warm, soft and very nice. It’s dark and a bit tight, but I like it, I feel safe and cosy at home. I have everything I need, my favourite snacks and drinks, sometimes music and sometimes silence, which is also important.
   I sleep a lot, but I sleep the most when I am put on something comfortable, nothing is squashing me.
   Not a lot of time passed before I found out what it was. When I was waking up I was looking for that one smell, my mom’s scent, which is why I was screaming, I shouted out loud to make sure she heard me. She heard, and in a moment she put me on something soft, very comfortable, so well known for me. I already knew what it was…the pillow!
   My mommy was lying on this pillow when I was in her tummy, now she uses it to feed me and it is so comfortable and lovely for me while eating. Mmm…
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