Nursery bedding

   Every product that comes out of our hands is the result of the awareness that we can make your child's world safe, loving and caring. In every stage of the production process women who are also mothers have been involved. We believe that by inserting 100% commitment to the production, all off our products will meet your expectations.
   Our Baby Bedding Sets, Wicker Moses and other bedding accessories will help you to arrange a lovely dream land for your child. All baby beddings are available in numerous designs and embroidery, so you can easily find something special for your baby. In the catalogue we are presenting a selection of products chosen by our specialists – Mums...



   Velinda grew up to be energetic, full of ideas and eager to work. Out of all the housework she did, her favourite job to complete was sewing. Her handmade embroideries were truly works of art. All furniture in her house, tables, stools and sofas were decorated with Velinda’s hand-made creations.
   As a result, her family were frequently gifted with these beautifully handcrafted works. One day, during a family supper, the girl found out from her auntie, that her great grand was a famous, talented master of sewing. She said that her great grandma used an old, beautifully decorated sewing machine. She even remembered that it resides somewhere in the attic of her own house.
   Since that evening, Velinda couldn’t stop thinking about that old sewing machine that hr great grandma used in her younger years. Finally, Velinda asked if she could find it in the attic and check if it would still work. Her auntie gave a knowing smile and agreed. As Velinda wiped way the last of the cobwebs and dust from the boxes, she uncovered what she was looking for, the sewing machine. Before anything else, she cleaned it and then carefully moved it to her home.
   The noises given when first attempting to use it did not provide hope that it would work. Velinda heard a grinding sound, then a click and at last a scratching. But once she tried again, she noticed that slowly but surely the needle started to move up and down, up and down. Velinda moved some fabric she had on hand into the sewing machine, but because no-one taught her how to properly sew using a machine, she didn’t know what to do next. Suddenly she felt the material move. At first she thought it was her imagination, but alas the material moved again, even though she was sitting still. Then the needle started jumping like crazy and the fabric started to dance. Velinda was sitting in shock finding it hard to comprehend the scene in front of her. Before she could process what was happening there were pillowcases on pillows, covers on duvets, baby swaddles, a canopy for the bed and all of this looked as if it was sized for children. She needed a bit of time to understand that the old sewing machine used by her great grandma had some magical power. The last thing left to do was decorate the beautiful creations with embroidery which Velinda knew how to do well.
   In a short amount of time, she had made so many products that she was a well-known and valued seamstress, just like her great grandma.
   Velinda still works to this day and what she creates an be seen in the catalogue we present to you.
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