Foam furniture

   Soft, playable and easy to hide. Our furnitures don’t require any mounting, they can’t get scratched and the most important kids can’t hit themselves. All dirt can be removed easily –removable and washable cover helps to keep it clean.
   Our furniture sets will help you to comprehensively decorate your kid's room. Available with or without embroidery, so you can choose what will look best in your home. In this catalogue we present a selection of products selected by our specialists – Mums..



   I was lying on the highest shelf in the corner of the large room, which I heard, was called a ‘warehouse’. Around me, on different shelves, there were things just like me, but not exactly the same. Some were thinner and others fatter. ‘Foam’ that it what the humans called us, they squished us, squeezed us and crumpled us up, but for the most part they treated us nicely, often stroking us and talking to us with comforting words.
   About the warehouse, I didn’t know much, but I did know one thing, we were going to be moved out of here very soon. It’s the same every time. First some man with a funny trolley comes in and carefully takes us off the shelves. Then at the doors of the warehouse, a different man with a white van, that says ‘FOAM FURNITURE’, drives in. He opens his doors widely and places us in neatly.
   Afterwards, the doors close and we drive away. But where??? We were all wondering that. We all wanted to see beyond the warehouse does. We had many questions but the answers were not found.
   We felt as if there was a huge secret.
   All my worries were because of the fact that before I could go on the funny trolley, all my friends from lower shelves would leave before me. I observed this many times, first the beginning shelf from the bottom, then the second etc. it’s a nightmare, I’ll be waiting for years!
   I was close to giving up hope on joining my friends, until that fateful day. The day was turning out to be seemingly normal, but it was made out to be a special one. That not only one van came but five, can you believe it!
   Five vans with the sign ‘FOAM FURNITURE’
   That meant that all of us would be taken and our dreams would come true, mine especially. Hooray! Finally they’ve reached me and my shelf and I was put into the van. They then organised us one on top of the other. We weren’t driving for long before the doors of the van were open; our eyes discovered a colourful world, filled with different fabrics.
   We were then paired up with the fabric and I was with a beautiful one, the colour of caramel. I found out that the foam and material were going to make furniture like chairs, sofas and couches for children, which meant, each of us would find a real home.
   So the dream came true! Now we just need to believe.
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